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Fabulous Fall And Halloween Kids Fashion Ideas

Fabulous Fall And Halloween Kids Fashion Ideas - Honeypiekids

Fabulous Fall And Halloween Kids Fashion Ideas

Fall is truly the most wonderful time of the year. With the colors of the leaves, the crispness in the air, and the fresh donuts at local cider mills, Nature displays its stunning beauty in fall. But the kids look forward to this season’s premier event: Halloween. As you can imagine, HoneyPie Kids loves all-things kids fashion, and we go nuts for cute goblins, ghosts, and ghouls. We also like to take the guess work out of Halloween attire for busy parents, and we carry a few fabulous lines of Halloween fashion. 

The Tutu du Monde Halloween Graveyard Shift collection is to die for (we’re so punny). It’s dramatic and dark, yet it’s frilly, feminine, and glittering. They designed their bone-chillingly good dresses with a scary hint of rock ’n’ roll chic. Shades of black, blood red, and hints of pink dominate the dramatic color palette. Tutu du Monde dresses each child in well-crafted clothes that are meant to be passed along. Not only do they feature dresses for the littlest to the biggest, the perfectly coordinating accessories like headbands, wings, capes and wrist cuffs give these looks extra pizzazz. These looks would make a memorable impression at any of the season’s Halloween parties and would turn some heads during trick-or-treating. The Fall Tutu du Monde collection spans the whole season. 

But HoneyPie Kids’ Halloween doesn’t stop there, Sweet Wink also offers the cutest designs for the season. We love their coordinating tutus and tops, worn together or as separates during the fall. Though Halloween seems to put an emphasis on orange and black, we love Sweet Wink’s reinterpretation of the status quo with the pink top and sparkling pull-on skirt. We think these choices will get selected time and time again. 

HALLOWEEN Clothing & Accessories For children | HONEYPIEKIDS.COM

While you’re shopping for all-things Halloween, make sure you have our featured Halloween must-haves. We are carrying the biggest and cutest trick-or-treat bags. We have a pumpkin or a ghost bag with coordinating black-and-white gingham cinch and handles. It’s not only functional, and fits gobs of candy, but it’s so cute to tote around during October. To stay visible on Halloween night, Honey Pie Kids  also stocks a Mudpie Light Up Jack-o-Lantern bracelet.  Batteries are included, and a simple button and easy-to-wear design make even the smallest candy hunters visible. 

Whatever parties, plans, and haunts grace the fall calendar, we think shopping in store or online at HoneyPie Kids will take the stress out of Halloween. Our fall fashion isn’t limited only to the holiday. There are always special-occasion outfits, everyday play wear, must-have birthday gifts, and special accessories that make HoneyPie Kids a one-stop shop and ahead of the rest. 

Let’s Get Dressed: Casual, Semi-Formal and Occasion Dresses for the Dress Lover

Let’s Get Dressed: Casual, Semi-Formal and Occasion Dresses for the Dress Lover - Honeypiekids

Let’s Get Dressed: Casual, Semi-Formal and Occasion Dresses for the Dress Lover

Some girls are just dress girls. No matter the occasion, she wears a dress morning, noon and night. She’s allergic to pants, and the more the dress poofs, spins, and moves, the more it gets worn. HoneyPieKids gets it, and supports it. We love dresses too. All of the brands we carry are brands that last, and we offer a wide variety of dresses for everyday play, school, special occasions and dresses for special photo shoots. We know to the dress lover, every dress is an everyday dress, but here are a few brands we love that will make girls and parents happy. 

Noralee Dresses

Noralee is the special occasion dress line of the parent brand Rylee + Cru. The dresses in this line feature a very natural, but elevated, look. Noralee’s one-of-a-kind charm is inspired by unique vintage pieces, rich in detail and romance, but durable enough for the busy girl. Every Noralee dress is an expression of love layered in soft hues and textures, bringing to life childhood stories and memories to last a lifetime. We love the natural simplicity of this brand, but appreciate the special detailing enhancing each dress. The trim, ruching, gathers, ruffles and fabrics make each dress beautiful enough to stand on its own. One of Noralee’s perfectly coordinating hair accessories sets the dress off, and completes the look. 

Angel’s Face

Angel’s Face is a brand popular with both the fancy dress girl and the parents. This line has a wide variety of dresses—everyday to special occasion—and each dress has a special detail for the fanciest of girls. For instance, the Peppermint Dress has a comfortable tank-like cotton top with the softest, flounciest tulle and sequin skirt. This dress is fit for family photos or the playground. Everyone loves the Angel’s Face easy, pull-on tutu skirts. They are soft and fun, easy to pair with a simple tee or blouse, and they can be found at recess or down the aisle. The Angel’s Face line also features dress shoes for special occasions as well as coordinating hair accessories, and even a few purses. 

Angel's Face Girls Clothing | HONEYPIEKIDS.COM | Kids Boutique Clothing | Angel's Face Loves

Ooh! La, La! Couture

This fabulous brand is a favorite among the smaller fashionistas. Layers of tulle, splashes of sparkle, and sophisticated cuts makes Ooh! La, La! Couture a go-to brand for dress lovers. This brand makes coordinating pieces for each of their dresses to complete the look, and we love the finished result. It’s all in! Ooh! La, La! Couture makes an unforgettable statement, and we think it will be hard for the true dress lover to relinquish these wonderful dresses. 

Tutu Du Monde

This favorite girls line is a sought after dress line from Australia that we carry a very large selection of. Tutu Du Monde sizes ranges from baby sizes to girls size 16. Tutu Du Monde also has the most beautiful selection of accessories like headbands, arm cuffs, gloves, leg warmers, capes, shrugs and jackets,  We always carry the latest collections including the limited collections like the Tutu Du Monde Barbie collection and the Tutu Du Monde Camden Park Collection. The dresses are beautifully made with layers of tulle, sequins and hand beading that stands out.  Little girls especially love to pick out a new Tutu du Monde dress for daddy daughter dances and are favorite dress for a babies First Birthday party and photos. 

Tutu Du Monde Dresses For Babies and Girls | Baby Sizes to Size 16 | HONEYPIEKIDS.COM

Though these are three of HoneyPieKids most popular dress brands for fabulous girls, we carry plenty of dresses not mentioned here. We know dresses are a staple in many girls’ wardrobes, and we take our job of keeping our online and in-store inventory well stocked with dresses of all kinds. If you’re in the market for special occasion and everyday dresses, make sure HoneyPie Kids is on your list of places to shop.

Bright and Fun Kid’s Fashion Trends for Spring 2022

Bright and Fun Kid’s Fashion Trends for Spring 2022 - Honeypiekids

As Michigan’s #1 children’s clothing boutique, we keep our eye on seasonal trends, and make sure our customers have a lot to choose from. This spring, we’ve seen some great trends we think kids will love. We feel like after long years cooped up due to the pandemic, kid’s fashion trends are showing up bright and beautiful, ready for activities, vacation, and time with friends. 


We’re loving the colorful, rainbow vibe from this season’s iridescent trend. We’re seeing it everywhere, and we are carrying a number of iridescent items. As a fabulous transitional piece from winter into spring, this military-inspired, zip-front jacket looks versatile over anything. It also comes in iridescent pink for girls who are pink at heart. For more glam, we also dig this iridescent-sequin, zip-front jacket. The sweet ruffle detail at the neck and wrist add soft feminine detailing. As an accent, or to dress head-to-toe iridescent, we recommend these bold lace-up sneakers. They make a statement, and we’re ready for it. 


Bright is back, and neon has come to play. We’ve seen neon everywhere this season. When thinking about spring break and summer vacation, we highly recommend the entire Stella Cove Swim & Beach Wear collection, because there’s something for every swimmer, but we especially love the ruffled, neon two piece in mix-matched colors, as well as this bold, side cut one piece. To carry the neon trend beyond the pool, we also have a number of ready-to-wear neons for the fashion-forward kid. We love these two Mayoral graphic tees for boys: a tiger-front neon tee and race cars with stripes. For girls, we love this chic top for girls.


Barbie is timeless and always in style. However, we are excited to carry Tutu Du Monde x Barbie line for Spring 2022. This is a great collab of two girl-empowerment brands with a global message to be strong within ourselves and stronger “tutu-gether.” Inclusivity, unity, and kindness is at the heart of this playful, yet beautiful, collection. Empowering every girl takes some tulle and sparkle. We love this BARBIE GIRL Power Skirt, and thinks it pairs perfectly with the BARBIE Icon top with the BARBIE Let’s Play ruffled jacket slung over her shoulders. But don’t stop there. The accessories in this collection are to die for. We love the sparkling hair clip, fabulous collars and shrug, striped gloves, and wrist cuffs. And to set the whole look off (and to hold the lip gloss!) don’t miss the purse. Tutu Du Monde knows how to do accessories, and they’ve outdone themselves with their BARBIE collection accessories. 

Tie Dye

Tie Dye is still trending hot this spring. Honey Pie Kids is carrying tie dye from a few lines, and we’re seeing it sell quickly. This tie-dye set is another great transitional piece from winter into spring, and the beautiful colors blend well. The cute shoulder ruffles and striped cuffs set this look off. Another, brighter take on tie dye with more of an Easter vibe is this stylish crew-neck sweater. We love it, and think the Easter bunny will too. To take the tie-dye look to the beach this one-shoulder two piece highlights all the best colors with ruffles adding movement and interest. For a cozy go-to at the beach, school or sleepover, this soft, tie-dye hoodie is a versatile must-have. The textured bubbles, thumbholes and roomy pockets make this piece a definite “yes”. 


Honey Pie Kids is so excited about the bright colors and patterns featured in the kid’s fashion trends for Spring 2022. They are all fun and friendly, and transition well into summer. One or two will add some color to any kid’s wardrobe, but with these trends, we say “the more the better!” Come see us soon at the shop or shop online for best selection and the most sizes. 

Host A Fun and Easy Valentine’s Day Party

Host A Fun and Easy Valentine’s Day Party - Honeypiekids

Valentine’s Day is a week away, and Honey Pie Kids is here for it! We celebrate in style, and LOVE being the best stop for the most fashionable children’s clothing in Michigan and online! Why not dress to the nines on Valentine’s Day, and host a fabulous Valentine’s party for all your favorite loves? We have a few ideas to make this party full of love. 

LOVEly Décor

A Valentine’s Day party could be one of the most fun to decorate for because white, pink and red are easy colors to find, and there are many options with theme. Check out the dollar store for crepe paper, streamers and circular paper fans that fold out. Add a few glitter hearts and some balloons, and you’re set. Adding some fresh flowers is easy too, because the common, but reliable, carnations in red, pink and white add some frill and beauty to the table without the cost. And carnations last a few weeks, so you’ll have fresh flowers to enjoy later. To add some volume and fluff to a table setting, a lightweight tulle or mesh gives a beautiful, ethereal feel. Valentine’s Day decorations can go light hearted and fun, light and romantic, or bright and modern. Go with what catches your eye and run with it! If you get stuck, even picking one color, and decorating with different shades makes for a great overall effect. 

Sweet Games

Valentine’s Day game are fun. Conversation hearts make for a fun game of bingo, and there are many free printable bingo cards online. Life-size tick-tac-toe is made easy with an oversized masking-tape (in pink!) criss cross taped on the wall, and small mylar balloons in Xs and Os make for a competitive game of an old favorite. Quick thinking games are always popular with kids, and any time they have to race the clock or other teams the competitive juices will start to flow. Scooping conversation hearts from one cup into another cup only using one hand and a flimsy plastic spoon is a game kids will love. Make an air popper out of a plastic cup and latex balloon, and “pop” conversation hearts into paper cups set up at the end of the table. Label the cups with different points and see who wins! Kids are easy to please, and even a simple game or two will go a long way. 

Heart-Warming Food & Drink

Food for a Valentine’s Party tends towards sweet. To start off with something nutritious heart-shaped anything will go quickly. A kid-themed charcuterie board with heart-shaped cheese and turkey adds a novel twist to an otherwise everyday food. Strawberries cut in the shape of hearts on skewers with banana slices or heart shaped watermelon bites makes an easy option to grab and not share germs. When it’s time for something sweet another board with some sweet snacks will be easy to come by. Red, pink and white m&ms are always a hit, and there are so many candies and Valentine’s Day cookies that will fill out the board. Even a fun mix of teddy graham cookies, mini marshmallows, and m&ms would be easy and fun to serve out of paper cups. 

Hosting a Valentine’s Day party for the ones you love is easy and fun, and of course always celebrated best in something from Honey Pie Kids. We love our Sweet Wink Magical Rainbow Tutu, and of course anything from Tutu Du Monde is perfecto (we love this dress!) for a Valentine’s Party with friends! Happy Heart’s Day from your friends at Honey Pie Kids.