• Dresses For Every Girl and Every Occasion!

    Dresses For Every Girl and Every Occasion! Finding the right dress for your children can be a challenge at times but it does not have to be. Honey ...
  • How To Prepare For The Onslaught Of Halloween Candy Coming Your Way

    Halloween is here. Soon enough, you'll have an army of costume-clad children at your door begging for candy you've probably already eaten.
  • 6 Warning Signs Your Child is Getting Bullied This School Year

    October Is National Bullying Prevention Month.

    Watch out for these red flags.

  • Fun Ideas for the Perfect Birthday Party Sleepover

    Fun Ideas for the Perfect Birthday Party Sleepover If you have a little girl who has a birthday coming up, you may be looking for a way to make her...
  • Stella Cove: Swimming in Style

    Let your little one make waves this summer and feel comfortable and confident in a swimsuit they will be sure to love. 
  • Lili Gaufrette: Classic French Styles for Kids

    We all envy the fashions of the French and often wish that we could outfit our kids in the classic and beautiful styles that we saw on adorable chi...
  • Petite ‘n Pretty: A Sparkly Start in Makeup

    Petite ‘n Pretty's products are specially crafted for young stylists. With ingredients that are safe to use and colors that are age appropriate, it is the perfect brand for your kids to start their makeup journey with.
  • Dressing for Summer With Paper Wings

    Dressing for Summer With Paper Wings Summer is right on our heels, and that means it’s time to update our closets with the latest fashions, that i...
  • Patachou Clothing, A Luxury Children's Clothes Line From Portugal

    Adults shouldn't be the only ones to participate when it comes to having high-quality pieces, little ones also deserve to feel and look their best ...
  • 3Pommes, A French Fashion Line for Kids Everywhere

    We often see our Pinterest boards boast the pictures of kids in adorable outfits in all different colors, patterns, and styles and wonder how we ca...
  • Patachou, Paper Wings, Ooh La La Couture & 3 Pommes Children's Clothing

    At HoneyPie Kids we love beautiful and exclusive children's clothing, and four of our favorite brands are Patachou, Paper Wings, Ooh La La Couture, and 3 Pommes.
  • 5 Ways to Enjoy Spring Break with Your Kids

    Spring is nearly here and breaks from school are soon to follow. Kids can definitely use the break, but you should not use that as an excuse to let...
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