360 ID Tag Security Tags

All our products are inspected before shipping and some items will arrive fitted with a visible security tag with a unique serial number that is registered to your order number.

The product upon receiving can be tried on with the tag attached to make sure it fits and you are happy with it.
If the item fits and you decide it will be worn or used, just remove the tag and enjoy wearing your purchase. Your return window for a refund will end at this point. The tag is soft and non evasive. They are placed on the clothing or items and can easily stay on while trying it on with no discomfort. It will not damage or puncture fabrics.

If you are not happy with your choice, or size then please feel free to return for a refund, as long as you are still within your returns window, and the security tag remains fitted, intact, and not tampered with and with the correct serial number

The tags are being used to protect the health and safety of our customers and their purchases.  We want our customers to feel comfortable in knowing that their purchases are authentic, not previously worn or used, and in new condition when they receive them. 

Presently, it will be on all Tutu Du Monde Dresses and Accessories, Swimwear, Noralee Dresses, Boys' Suits and Dress Shirts, Ooh La La Couture Dresses, Patachou Dresses, Abel & Lula, and some Angel's Face dresses, skirts and clothing. This list may change at our discretion.

If you have any questions please feel free to email us at Honeypiekids@gmail.com

Our 360 ID Security tags | HONEYPIEKIDS | Kids Luxury Boutique Clothing


Our 360 Security tags | HONEYPIEKIDS | Kids Luxury Clothing Boutique    INELIGIBLE RETURN