Mayoral Boys

Mayoral clothing is an iconic Spanish fashion known worldwide for its high quality and design. We have taken that high quality and style and given it the Honeypie experience, turning natural and sustainable cotton into eco-friendly kids boutique clothing.

Mayoral Clothing Sizes

Mayoral boys clothing has several sizes, generally based on age. These are rough estimates based on general measurements, so take a look at each item individually to find the perfect fit for your handsome little man! Mayoral clothing will be prefaced with something close to what is listed below to help you start your search.

Mayoral Sizes

Mayoral Baby Clothes: 4 - 8 Months Old

Mayoral Clothing for Babies and Toddlers: 3 - 36 Months Old

Mayoral Clothing for Boys: Between Size 2 and 9

Our Favorite Clothing Choices

Mayoral clothing comes in many unique and stunning styles. These choices will look amazing on any little man! While we find it challenging to pick the best out of our fantastic selection, the following are some of our favorite mayoral clothing.

Mayoral Youth White Long Sleeve

The mayoral boys long sleeve dress shirt is perfect for any young man. The lighter material is ideal for spring weather and summer parties, with an easy button-up and cream detailing around the front pocket.

Mayoral Baby and Toddler Green Plaid Zip Up

Mayoral clothing helps newborns and toddlers look their best with a comfortable and stylish plaid zip-up hoodie and jogger set. This set of mayoral clothing makes a toddler look perfectly uniform and classy, with a lovely fleece interior that keeps the little one warm.

Make sure to check out every piece of mayoral clothing we have available!