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      Lelli Kelly shoes have been fun and funky since 1992 when they launched in Italy and gave young girls a new way to take on the world in style. Whether it's a stunning pair of Lilli Kelly sneakers or any other kids boutique clothing, we guarantee any young girl would love a pair of Lelli Kelly shoes!

      From Rome to Romeo

      Lelli Kelly shoes began in Italy in 1992 and came to us in 2011. For almost two decades, these delightful shoes have dazzled the playgrounds and closets of many young girls. Virtually all the Lelli Kelly shoes have a special sparkle that makes them one of a kind and have designs that inspire youth, color, and vibrancy.

      Our Loveliest Pairs

      Lelli Kelly shoes come in several unique styles. Some of our favorites include the following, although we recommend looking at all of them.

      Our Lelli Kelly sneakers come in many delightful styles, but the lilac unicorn mid-length sneakers are one of our favorites. With a soft fabric lining, rubber outsole, and glittering beaded embellishments, these vibrant set of sneakers will add class and color to a young girl's life while keeping her feeling as stunning and vibrant as the shoes themselves!

      Lelli Kelly Black Butterfly Boots

      The Lelli Kelly Black Butterfly boots are perfect for adding a stylish weight to any girl's foot. With a side zip to facilitate easy fitting and a non-slip outsole, these boots can be perfect for the rain while giving young girls a beautiful style with fairy or butterfly wings! We now carry these gorgeous boots in Pink Glitter.

      Check out all our Lelli Kelly shoes!