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Angel's Face Girls

New Angel's Face Girls Fall 2023 is here! 

Honeypie Kids clothing boutique is proud to offer Angel's Face Girls Clothing from London.  We carry the best brands sourced worldwide, with high-quality materials and the most fabulous styles and Angel's Face is no exception. The London-based Angel’s Face girl's clothing brand delivers on our commitment to top-tier quality and style. With the dreamiest and boldest children’s designer clothes, Angel’s Face brand offers the cutest baby clothes up to the uniquely stylish girls' collection. Check out the iconic Angel's Face Girl's blush tutu skirt, which is perfect for twirling and playing dress-up, or their different styles of sweaters that can be mixed and matched to create the perfect outfit your child will feel confident wearing.

Style:  Angel’s Face girl collection is filled with bold and colorful pieces that will stir up young girls’ imaginations and incite magic into the everyday. With plenty of fun skirts, whimsical dresses, and separate sets meant to be played in, there’s room for your child to flex their own creativity and self-expression. Meanwhile, the baby clothes collection, with soft colors and even softer materials, are the perfect clothes for your little one to wear while playing or for a special event. 

Size and Design: Angel’s Face girls’ line offers designer girlswear in a size range from babies to girls size 12/13. Designed to grow with your child, there are many options to choose from as she ages. With the level of quality and creativity that Angel’s Face clothing provides you’ll want to keep coming back as your little girl continues to grow into her own style.