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How to Celebrate Halloween Safely With Kids

 How to Celebrate Halloween Safely With Kids

With the first big event of the fall or winter holiday season, “Halloween” falling on a Saturday this year and with a long challenging quarantine interval behind us, it's just normal that kids need to celebrate, for sure. 

 However, a few traditional things may be debatable amid the Covid-19 pandemic, such as Will there be trick-or-treating for kids? Will there be costumes and parties? Will individuals even feel good being "scary" during these unpredictable circumstances?

 So because Halloween must happen, there needs to be a way we can commemorate the event. If we are cautious and exceptionally creative, we can altogether rejoice Quarantine-o-ween. Here's how!


Be Creative with Traditional Trick-or-treating Custom

 If you can’t trick or treat the conventional way because of the pandemic, search for approaches to manage it imaginatively. Parents can buy their kid's favored sweets and let them trick-or-treat door to door to different rooms inside the home or have them stroll through the neighborhood so they can flaunt their costumes, and come back home to a unique treat or toy.


Find A Secure Way to Hand Out Candies

For the people who despite everything wish to give out candy to trick-or-treaters should wear a mask while noting the entryway and use hand sanitizer. You could likewise have small, single bags of sweets left outside for trick-or-treaters, leaving them six feet separated for wellbeing and safety.


Focus More on Halloween Décor

Channel your decorating soul and celebrate Halloween with pumpkins and lights and other creepy sights. Decorate your home with dark, orange, and white lights. Go DIY and craft dark felines and witches caps from paper with your children and create a few pumpkins for the patio. Get the kids to help make goliath spiders for a creepier stylistic theme.


Setting Up Sweets Graveyard

Another incredible idea is setting up a sweets graveyard. Set up counterfeit headstones in your yard with prizes and candy accumulated close to each gravestone. You could have each kid enter the graveyard in turn and bundle up sweets and prizes into individual treat packs for added safety.


Cook Ghoulish Goodies for Your Kids

Discover unique recipes like Eye-Ball Pasta, Spider Pizza, or the classic Mummy Meatballs for some ghoulish grub! You may even take a stab at designing cookies as a spooky house. The possibilities are endless and sure to delight your little ones. Rejoice the entire day with flavorful dishes and sweet treats. Let your creative mind run wild; experiment with cute, dreadful, scary, and absolute sickening eats.


Drive-thru Haunt Experience

Haunted houses will positively appear to be unique this year. Drive-thru, contact-free Halloween encounters are beginning to stand out. It will have without contact registration by tag, and drive-thru scenes that blend dramatic narrating, startling creatures, and unforeseen experiences en route. Visitors will be driving and leaving their vehicles at every scene, with no contact with entertainers. Quest online for "haunted roads" or "drive-thru haunted houses" to check whether there is one nearby!


Neighborhood Halloween Movie Marathon Fest 

Organize with neighbors and have fire pits, snacks, and favorite spooky movies and Tv shows set up using a projector. Neighbors can keep a safe distance from one another, tell each other creepy stories, and enjoy horror movies on a home projection set up. This would be ideal to be arranged at a parkway or your backyard.


Arrange a Zoom Halloween Party

Host a virtual dress-up party for your children through zoom. You can pick a theme and everyone's ensembles must fit the theme. Plan a zoom fashion show to let kids flaunt their costumes. 

You can likewise engage kids to gather distantly with their friends to decorate their pumpkins safely from their own homes. Moms can also participate by sharing ghost stories or play a fun Halloween soundtrack.


Not All Hope is Lost!

Even though Halloween won't be a similar this year because of the outbreak, you can still be creative implementing our aforementioned ideas, these would be so amusing to fuse into your usual yearly Halloween customs to make it spooky as always, as well as keeping everybody safe during these uncertain times. And you never know what may turn into another Halloween tradition!


For more great Halloween Ideas please check out HoneyPie Kids on Pinterest! Or pin the image below and share it with your friends!


How to Celebrate Halloween Safely With Kids  During Covid-19


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