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      Kids Summertime Wardrobe & Tips For Summer

      Kids Summertime Wardrobe & Tips For Summer - Honeypiekids

      Kids Clothing Boutique | Kids Summertime Wardrobe & Tips For Summer

      If you're like most moms, you are likely trying to do your best to put together some fun ideas but also want to keep cool this summer and still want your kids to look cute and stylish. To help you out, we've provided some tips. 

      Choose Tops That are Light and Breathable

      While you can't control the weather, you can make sure your little one stays relaxed and comfortable throughout the summer by dressing them in light clothing made from breathable materials.

      For example, look for shorts with mesh lining instead of cotton ones that are too heavy for hot days. Similarly, opt for t-shirts made out of polyester instead of cotton because polyester is much more absorbent than cotton and will help keep your child cool when it's hot outside (just like you would!).

      Choose Bottoms That Won't Make Your Child Feel Too Warm
      Choosing bottoms that won't make your child feel too warm is a delicate balance of comfort, fashion, and safety. Here are some tips for dressing your kids for the summer:

      Avoid jeans - even if they're denim, they're not cool enough for high temperatures. Jeans also tend to be very heavy and can cause chafing or irritation on sensitive skin.

      * Choose light-colored bottoms in natural fibers like cotton or linen that will breathe well but still protect against sunburns and insects.

      * Choose two pairs of shorts (or one pair of shorts and one pair of capris) to alternate between them throughout the day. This will help keep your child relaxed and prevent any wardrobe malfunctions!

      The main thing to consider is temperature. Summer days can be sweltering and humid, so you want to make sure that your child isn't too warm in their clothes. They need enough ventilation so they can stay cool.

      Keep Cool and Hydrated
      Another great way to keep your children comfortable is by ensuring they're well-hydrated throughout the day. Give them plenty of water before they leave home and after they return home from wherever they've been playing outside all day long (because no one wants an empty water bottle when they're thirsty!). We have some cool unbreakable water bottles they can keep with them while outside.

      Find Shoes Your Kid Will Want to Wear Again and Again
      First things first: let's talk about shoes. You're thinking: "I just want my kid to wear sandals or tennis shoes all summer long." And that's fine! But there's something else we think you should consider—and it involves superheroes.

      If your kids are into superheroes (and who isn't?), then there are some fantastic options out there for them. For example, if they're into Iron Man, check out these cool Avengers-themed superhero shoes from HoneyPieKids' online store. They're made with sturdy canvas material and come in various colors, so they'll look great with any outfit! No matter what kind of superhero fan they are—or if they just like cool shoes—these sneakers will be a surefire hit this summer!

      Looking for some cute shoes for little girls? With bright colors, fun patterns, and Mini Melissa shoes, they'll be ready for a day of exploring at the park or playing in the backyard.

      Have a Few Mix-and-Match Options for Layering Up or Down
      HoneyPieKids clothing boutique has a few mix-and-match options for layering up or down. For the coldest of days, we recommend pairing our superhero shoes with our black pants and a long-sleeved t-shirt. This combination will keep your child warm while also giving them plenty of mobility to play.

      Opt for One-Piece Options to Keep Things Simple
      Shopping for a new kid's outfit can be overwhelming. The options are endless, and there's always that nagging feeling that you could make an even better choice if only you had more time.

      But sometimes, the best solution is to keep things simple—and that's precisely what HoneyPieKids offers.

      At HoneyPie Kids, we've got all the styles you're looking for in one place: cute kids shoes, stylish clothing, and plenty of other options to please every little fashionista in your life. And we've got them at prices that won't break the bank!

      Be Ready For Beach Days With Some Swim Accessories

      Beach days are made for fun in the sun, but they can also be a hassle when trying to keep track of sunscreen, snacks, and towels.

      That's why we've got all your kids beach day essentials right here at HoneyPieKids!
      We have everything you need to make those beach days easier on you and your kids, from swim accessories to shoes.

      You'll find swimsuits in every color of the rainbow and different styles—from classic bikinis to one-piece suits with ruffles or polka dots. We even have some great options for boys, like rash guards and board shorts.

      And if you're worried about fit? Don't be! We have a wide range of sizes available so that every child can enjoy their time at the beach. 

      Swim accessories are fun and functional, but they can also help keep your kids safe while playing in the water.

      Most of all, have the best time this summer and make the most out of it. It goes by fast.