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      How To Host The Cutest Hot Chocolate Party

      How To Host The Cutest Hot Chocolate Party - Honeypiekids

      How To Host The Cutest Hot Chocolate Party

      With it getting dark earlier after the fall time change, we think we deserve warmth and extra fun with friends in the winter. HoneyPie Kids children’s clothing boutique, totally supports extra celebrations, and we think hosting a fun hot chocolate party gives you the excuse to get together with friends, and gather around something everyone loves: hot chocolate. National Hot Chocolate Day is not till January 31 but you can celebrate any time.  We have some ideas to get you started with the planning, and a few ideas for what to wear and even a couple party favor suggestions (from Honey Pie Kids of course!).

      Pick A Theme

      A hot chocolate party is very versatile. It not only could make a great theme for a birthday party, you could also choose a more specific theme: a rainbow hot chocolate party, a pajama hot chocolate party, Christmas hot chocolate party, chocolate mustache party, a pink party, a peppermint party, snowflake party or anything else that sounds fun and relevant to the party goers. Picking a theme gives the party direction, but don’t pick something so specific that guests would have to buy something for the party. Consider an activity to coincide with hot chocolate: maybe a cozy movie, snowball fight or sledding. 

      How To Host The Cutest Hot Chocolate Themed Party | HONEYPIEKIDS.COM

      Gather Supplies

      Gathering supplies is the fun part, and sometimes the best party supplies don’t come from the party store. Since the hot chocolate itself is the star of the show, plan out how you will serve it. If you don’t have enough mugs to go around, consider buying a pack of disposable cups with lids. They are cute, and reduce the dishes by a lot! You might make carafes of hot chocolate in advance ready to be served and topped, but you might want the guests to be able to have full control over the thickness, creaminess, and temperature of their hot chocolate. Boiling water could be in a carafe, and different flavors of hot chocolate powder could be options for your guests. Pre-flavored hot chocolate powder makes it easy! Mocha hot chocolate, peppermint hot chocolate, white hot chocolate, and caramel hot chocolate give guests many delicious options. Toppings are what give the hot chocolate flair, and ties your theme in nicely. Sprinkles, syrups, flavored whipped cream, and candies give the finishing touches to a creamy mug of hot chocolate. 

      Time to Party

      Set up an attractive hot chocolate bar in a location with easy access and lots of layers and options. Welcome your guests, and start in on the fun. If hot chocolate is the follow up to a cold, outdoor activity, make sure your guests have places to hang up their wet gear to dry. If your guests need something cozy Honey Pie Kids features one of our favorite brands, and a popular one in winter: Candy Pink. These cozy pajama pants and shorts even come in a hot chocolate theme. We even stock the pillow cases and blankets—a perfect addition to a hot chocolate party or for a party favor! 

      Don’t let winter get you down this year. Make the long, dark days brighter and warmer with friends, hot chocolate, and Honey Pie Kids. 


      Looking for cute Hot Chocolate themed items? We have some ideas.

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      How To Host The Cutest Hot Chocolate Themed Party | HONEYPIEKIDS.COM


      Host A Fun and Easy Valentine’s Day Party

      Host A Fun and Easy Valentine’s Day Party - Honeypiekids

      Valentine’s Day is a week away, and Honey Pie Kids is here for it! We celebrate in style, and LOVE being the best stop for the most fashionable children’s clothing in Michigan and online! Why not dress to the nines on Valentine’s Day, and host a fabulous Valentine’s party for all your favorite loves? We have a few ideas to make this party full of love. 

      LOVEly Décor

      A Valentine’s Day party could be one of the most fun to decorate for because white, pink and red are easy colors to find, and there are many options with theme. Check out the dollar store for crepe paper, streamers and circular paper fans that fold out. Add a few glitter hearts and some balloons, and you’re set. Adding some fresh flowers is easy too, because the common, but reliable, carnations in red, pink and white add some frill and beauty to the table without the cost. And carnations last a few weeks, so you’ll have fresh flowers to enjoy later. To add some volume and fluff to a table setting, a lightweight tulle or mesh gives a beautiful, ethereal feel. Valentine’s Day decorations can go light hearted and fun, light and romantic, or bright and modern. Go with what catches your eye and run with it! If you get stuck, even picking one color, and decorating with different shades makes for a great overall effect. 

      Sweet Games

      Valentine’s Day game are fun. Conversation hearts make for a fun game of bingo, and there are many free printable bingo cards online. Life-size tick-tac-toe is made easy with an oversized masking-tape (in pink!) criss cross taped on the wall, and small mylar balloons in Xs and Os make for a competitive game of an old favorite. Quick thinking games are always popular with kids, and any time they have to race the clock or other teams the competitive juices will start to flow. Scooping conversation hearts from one cup into another cup only using one hand and a flimsy plastic spoon is a game kids will love. Make an air popper out of a plastic cup and latex balloon, and “pop” conversation hearts into paper cups set up at the end of the table. Label the cups with different points and see who wins! Kids are easy to please, and even a simple game or two will go a long way. 

      Heart-Warming Food & Drink

      Food for a Valentine’s Party tends towards sweet. To start off with something nutritious heart-shaped anything will go quickly. A kid-themed charcuterie board with heart-shaped cheese and turkey adds a novel twist to an otherwise everyday food. Strawberries cut in the shape of hearts on skewers with banana slices or heart shaped watermelon bites makes an easy option to grab and not share germs. When it’s time for something sweet another board with some sweet snacks will be easy to come by. Red, pink and white m&ms are always a hit, and there are so many candies and Valentine’s Day cookies that will fill out the board. Even a fun mix of teddy graham cookies, mini marshmallows, and m&ms would be easy and fun to serve out of paper cups. 

      Hosting a Valentine’s Day party for the ones you love is easy and fun, and of course always celebrated best in something from Honey Pie Kids. We love our Sweet Wink Magical Rainbow Tutu, and of course anything from Tutu Du Monde is perfecto (we love this dress!) for a Valentine’s Party with friends! Happy Heart’s Day from your friends at Honey Pie Kids.