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      A Water Safety Measure To Take With Children You May Have Not Heard Of

      A Water Safety Measure To Take With Children You May Have Not Heard Of - Honeypiekids

      The Latest Water Safety Measure To Take With Children 

      Lately there have been articles that are saying to avoid blue swimsuits for your child being that the color is too close to the color of a pool and it blends in. What else can you do to help locate your child in the water?
      You can put a swim bow on your child’s hair or swimsuit. Swim bows are brightly neon colored vinyl waterproof bows that can be attached to a child's hair, swimwear or swim cap. The bows have a patented non slip grip so they won’t slip off even in the water. These cute bows not only add a fun and cute touch to your child's swimwear, but they also serve as a safety measure that can help you find your child easier in

      Wee ones Swim bows | HONEYPIEKIDS.COM

      When your child is swimming among a group of children, it can be challenging to spot them from afar, especially if they are wearing the same color swimwear as their peers. However, if your child is wearing a brightly colored swim bow, it will make it easier for you to spot them in a crowd.

      Moreover, swims bows can also serve as a visual cue for lifeguards or swimming instructors, making it easier for them to keep track of your child during swimming lessons or pool activities.

      Therefore, investing in swim bows for your child's swimwear is a smart move that can help ensure their safety in the water. Not only do they make your child stand out, but they also add an element of fun and style to their swimwear. They come in different sizes and several neon colors to choose from. Check them out here

            SWIM BOWS

      Shade Critters®: A New Suit for Summer!

      Shade Critters®: A New Suit for Summer! - Honeypiekids

      Shade Critters®: A New Suit for Summer!

      Honey Pie Kids is thrilled to now carry Shade Critters®—right in time for spring break and summer! Shade Critters® is a fabulous swimwear brand for girls, boys and toddlers. The swimsuits and trunks feature built-in SPF 50+ fabric for 98% blockage of harmful UV-rays. Honey Pie Kids loves the stylish features of these swimsuits. The details and patterns are to die for! We especially love leopard, and Shade Critters® has a few to choose from. The first is for the littlest swimmer in this two-piece leopard ruffle rash guard set. Trimmed with petite pink bobbles, this bathing baby will dress to impress! We’ve got leopard for the bigger girl too in the pink, one-piece leopard magic sequin swimsuit. Shade Critters® know kids grow, and many of their swimsuits have adjustable straps at the shoulders so they grow with your kids. Honey Pie Kids also carries a Shade Critters high-waist Dalmatian Leopard Bikini. The smocked top and puffed sleeves add fabulous style to an adorable suit. 

      Honey Pie Kids, Michigan’s most fashionable children’s clothing boutique, also stocks Shade Critters®’ embellished girl’s swimsuits. They’re so cute. We love the one-piece tutu beach bunny swimsuit, and that it comes in infant and toddler sizing. The attached tulle skirt features a cotton tail in the back and adjustable shoulder straps. Another embellished swimsuit is the organza-sleeve butterfly swimsuit and tutu. The butterfly-printed tutu is detachable and easily slips on and off with an elastic waist. The skirt coordinates with the butterfly organza ruffle at the shoulder. The printed butterflies on this adjustable-strap one-piece makes every girl feel beautiful. Another fun embellished one-piece bathing suit is the pink flamingo swimsuit. The fabulous ruffles decorate the shoulders of a flamingo-printed one-piece. Honey Pie Kids carries this bathing suit in infant and toddler sizing. There’s nothing cuter. 

      For the mermaid in your home, we recommend the one-shoulder, tie dye sequin bathing suit. Shade Critters® sells a coordinating mermaid skirt for the dedicated mermaid. This lovely suit glimmers and shimmers just the way they want it to. One of our favorite two-piece suits for the young bathing beauty is the high-waist purple palm swimsuit. Paired with a wide-brim straw hat, this bold suit makes a statement. 

      We’re excited to offer Shade Critters® swimwear in store and online, don’t miss this fabulous collection of practical, yet highly stylish bathing suits. It is the perfect time to evaluate last-year’s swim suits. Not only to see if they fit, but to see if the sun or chlorine has aged or damaged any from last season. A well-loved suit will show wear and tear in the bum, and in the elastic around the legs. Shopping early for swimsuits for spring break and summer is a good idea. Not only does Honey Pie Kids sell out quickly, we sell out of the most popular sizes first. Make sure your kids are the cutest at the pool and the beach this summer, but checking out Shade Critters® at Honey Pie Kids.