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      Angel Dear: A Fun Brand for the Most Discerning Baby

      Angel Dear: A Fun Brand for the Most Discerning Baby - Honeypiekids

      HoneyPieKids carries only the best kids boutique clothing when it comes to quality, style, and value.  Angel Dear, a popular baby and toddler clothing brand based in San Francisco, combines soft, eco-friendly materials with a modern, up-beat sensibility. Angel Dear is a popular brand at HoneyPie Kids for best-dressed babies and toddlers as well as best-loved baby gifts. Their seasonal collections are sophisticated, but not stuffy. They see childhood as a time to “luxuriate in the joys of childhood,” and design their clothes, blankets and accessories to match that mindset. 

      Angel Dear is a fan favorite at HoneyPie Kids because of the natural bamboo material and their lighthearted designs. A stack of smiling pancakes, avocado toast, rainbows, tacos, and all sorts of cute animals gives Angel Dear its signature look. They perfectly marry fun and quality by having the cutest patterns made from soft, natural bamboo. Their designs consider not only the tired, middle-of-the-night outfit change, but also the smallest wearer of the footie pajamas. 

      Their signature footie features thoughtful details for both parents and baby. The fold-over fist cuffs prevent accidental scratches from an erratic baby fingernail. The chin-to-toe zipper features lining to prevent the zipper from accidentally pinching any skin, and the zipper guard at the chin prevents chaffing. The enclosed feet are lined with fleece for extra coziness. Pop on a matching hat, head wrap or headband to complete the adorable look. 

      In addition to the footie pajamas and infant sleeper, for the not-so-baby, HoneyPieKids carries Angel Dear’s two-piece lounge sets and velour jogging suits. Can we say cute? The two-piece lounge sets are to be lived in (all day if possible!), and feature the Angel Dear signature prints. The jogger sets are easy to pull on, and pair a zippered hoodie with comfortable, pull-on pants. The bigger sizes in no way compromise on soft and cozy, and the zipper details carry over to their bigger-sized fashion. 

      Angel Dear baby & toddler bamboo pajamas | HONEYPIEKIDS.COM

      We always carry a large selection but we don't carry the Angel Dear line in all the patterns, but because they are so popular at HoneyPieKids, we restock a large selection of popular patterns, sizes and styles frequently. If there is a pattern you want and don't see it on our website, just ask us and it may be already on the way to our store or can be ordered.  In addition to the infant & toddler sleepwear and loungewear, we also stock the headbands and head wraps, but we highly recommend the super-soft swaddle blankets in the signature patterns. These make great gifts, and are easy to toss in the wash. They are a fan favorite of the littlest customers. The sleepers with a matching hat and blanket is a popular baby gift for baby showers, newborn gifts or anytime gifts.

      Every baby fashionista needs a go-to, all-season piece, and the Angel Dear chenille hooded zip-up is it. HoneyPieKids stocks a variety of colors, perfect for girls and boys, and soft all year round. It is the perfect weight, a cross between a sweatshirt and jacket, and adds to the plush coziness when thrown over one of the two-piece lounge set. Every parent who comes into shop or purchase our Angel Dear on our website wishes these came in adult sizes because they are super soft and amazing. 

      If you are looking for another high-quality kid’s brand to outfit a baby with great taste, Angel Dear has everything you’re looking for. We’re proud to carry this brand, and love seeing the most fashionable kids wearing it. Come to our HoneyPie Kids boutique or shop our website online to experience our latest and greatest.