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      Lola and the Boys is a girl's dream of trendy, stylish, and vibrant fashion for every occasion.  Girls shouldn’t be afraid to wear fun, comfy, vibrant clothes. They should own it and slip into cute and fun dresses and sneakers.
      Who is Lola?  Lola is the girl who isn’t afraid to show up once in a while with outrageously comfortable, vibrant, and expertly made outfits that show off her confidence. Lola and the Boys have practical, stylish clothes and sneakers that maintain a certain “girl” flair only your "Lola" could pull off. 
      We have dozens of unique options, but our three most popular are:
      Dresses For Girls
      The dresses scream fun and comfort. The stunning Sequin Teddy Bear Dress has maximum comfort while retaining a youthful, vibrant look that keeps Lola standing out among the boys and girls. The dresses are made with dazzling colors, and patterns, which only Lola and the Boys dresses can provide to help a young girl’s style stand out among the rest.
      The sneakers are one of a kind, mixing girls’ fashion with vibrant confidence. Lola is ahead of the boys, so much so that she takes charge. Our Rainbow Striped Iridescent Sneakers mix typical young girl fashion with confident, eco-friendly, vibrant colors that make any girl pop wherever she goes.
      Girls Lounge Wear
      Girls Grey Crystal Rainbow Hooded Zip Jacket is the cutest and so soft. Girls love this hooded zip-up jacket 
      Girls feel and look their best when you choose Lola and the Boys clothing from HoneyPie Kids.