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      Discover The Magic of Billieblush: The Perfect Blend For Style and Play

      Discover The Magic of Billieblush | HONEYPIEKIDS.COM
      Billieblush is a children's fashion brand from France that captures the essence of French style and creativity, infusing its designs with a touch of Parisian charm and sophistication.  The brands style brings a unique blend of elegance, innovation, and whimsy to the world of children's fashion, delighting young fashionistas around the globe...

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      The Enchantment of Tutu Du Monde Dresses

      Tutu Du Monde Dresses | HONEYPIEKIDS.COM
      Tutu Du Monde dresses have captured the hearts of parents and little girls around the world with their whimsical designs and enchanting allure. Renowned for their exquisite craftsmanship, intricate details, and magical charm, these dresses have become a favorite choice for special occasions and everyday wear. Let's delve into why the dresses are so beloved by both parents and their little princesses, and explore the widespread popularity they have gained in the realm of children's fashion.

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      New Super Smalls Kids Jewelry Spring Collection at HoneyPieKids

       New Super Smalls Kids Spring Collection at HONEYPIEKIDS.COM
      Spring is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate the season of blooming flowers and sunny days than with the dazzling new Super Smalls Kids  Jewelry Spring Collection! 

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      DIY Snow Globe Terrarium: A Magical Winter Craft

      DIY Snow Globe Terrarium: A Magical Winter Craft - Honeypiekids

      Turn an ordinary jar into a magical winter wonderland with this delightful DIY snow globe terrarium. This simple and enchanting craft is perfect for bringing a touch of snowy joy into your home during the holiday season. Follow the steps below and let your creativity shine!


      1. A clear glass or plastic jar with a tight-sealing lid
      2. Distilled water or glycerin
      3. Glitter or fake snow
      4. Small winter-themed figurines
      5. Waterproof adhesive (like waterproof epoxy or aquarium sealant)
      6. Glycerin (optional, for a slower snowfall effect)


      1. Choose Your Container:

      Select a clear jar or container with a tight-sealing lid. Ensure it's made of a material that won't react with water or glycerin over time.

      2. Prep Your Figurines:

      Clean and dry your figurines. If they are plastic or ceramic, you can enhance their wintry appearance by applying a thin layer of waterproof adhesive and then sprinkling glitter over them. Let them dry completely.

      3. Attach Figurines to the Lid:

      Use waterproof adhesive to securely attach the figurines to the inside of the lid. Ensure they are positioned the way you want them to appear in the snow globe. Allow the adhesive to dry completely.

      4. Fill the Jar:

      Fill the jar about three-quarters full with distilled water. If you prefer a slower snowfall effect, you can substitute some of the water with glycerin. Experiment with the ratio to achieve your desired snowfall speed.

      5. Add Glitter or Fake Snow:

      Sprinkle glitter or fake snow into the jar. The amount will depend on your preference for the density of "snow" in your snow globe. You can use different sizes of glitter for a more dynamic effect.

      How to Make A Snow Globe - HoneyPieKids.com

      6. Seal the Jar:

      Apply a thin layer of waterproof adhesive around the rim of the jar before tightly screwing on the lid. This will create a waterproof seal, preventing leaks.

      7. Shake and Enjoy:

      Once the adhesive has dried completely, give your snow globe a gentle shake, and watch as the glitter or fake snow falls around the figurines. Adjust the amount of glitter or fake snow if needed.

      8. Decorate the Jar (Optional):

      If desired, you can decorate the outside of the jar with ribbons, paint, or other festive elements to enhance its appearance.

      Now you have your own snow globe! Display it on a shelf or tabletop, and enjoy the magical winter scene you've created. Keep in mind that these DIY snow globes are decorative items, so it's a good idea to handle them with care to ensure they last.

      How To Host The Cutest Hot Chocolate Party

      How To Host The Cutest Hot Chocolate Party - Honeypiekids

      How To Host The Cutest Hot Chocolate Party

      With it getting dark earlier after the fall time change, we think we deserve warmth and extra fun with friends in the winter. HoneyPie Kids children’s clothing boutique, totally supports extra celebrations, and we think hosting a fun hot chocolate party gives you the excuse to get together with friends, and gather around something everyone loves: hot chocolate. National Hot Chocolate Day is not till January 31 but you can celebrate any time.  We have some ideas to get you started with the planning, and a few ideas for what to wear and even a couple party favor suggestions (from Honey Pie Kids of course!).

      Pick A Theme

      A hot chocolate party is very versatile. It not only could make a great theme for a birthday party, you could also choose a more specific theme: a rainbow hot chocolate party, a pajama hot chocolate party, Christmas hot chocolate party, chocolate mustache party, a pink party, a peppermint party, snowflake party or anything else that sounds fun and relevant to the party goers. Picking a theme gives the party direction, but don’t pick something so specific that guests would have to buy something for the party. Consider an activity to coincide with hot chocolate: maybe a cozy movie, snowball fight or sledding. 

      How To Host The Cutest Hot Chocolate Themed Party | HONEYPIEKIDS.COM

      Gather Supplies

      Gathering supplies is the fun part, and sometimes the best party supplies don’t come from the party store. Since the hot chocolate itself is the star of the show, plan out how you will serve it. If you don’t have enough mugs to go around, consider buying a pack of disposable cups with lids. They are cute, and reduce the dishes by a lot! You might make carafes of hot chocolate in advance ready to be served and topped, but you might want the guests to be able to have full control over the thickness, creaminess, and temperature of their hot chocolate. Boiling water could be in a carafe, and different flavors of hot chocolate powder could be options for your guests. Pre-flavored hot chocolate powder makes it easy! Mocha hot chocolate, peppermint hot chocolate, white hot chocolate, and caramel hot chocolate give guests many delicious options. Toppings are what give the hot chocolate flair, and ties your theme in nicely. Sprinkles, syrups, flavored whipped cream, and candies give the finishing touches to a creamy mug of hot chocolate. 

      Time to Party

      Set up an attractive hot chocolate bar in a location with easy access and lots of layers and options. Welcome your guests, and start in on the fun. If hot chocolate is the follow up to a cold, outdoor activity, make sure your guests have places to hang up their wet gear to dry. If your guests need something cozy Honey Pie Kids features one of our favorite brands, and a popular one in winter: Candy Pink. These cozy pajama pants and shorts even come in a hot chocolate theme. We even stock the pillow cases and blankets—a perfect addition to a hot chocolate party or for a party favor! 

      Don’t let winter get you down this year. Make the long, dark days brighter and warmer with friends, hot chocolate, and Honey Pie Kids. 


      Looking for cute Hot Chocolate themed items? We have some ideas.

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      How To Host The Cutest Hot Chocolate Themed Party | HONEYPIEKIDS.COM