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      DIY Snow Globe Terrarium: A Magical Winter Craft

      DIY Snow Globe Terrarium: A Magical Winter Craft - Honeypiekids

      Turn an ordinary jar into a magical winter wonderland with this delightful DIY snow globe terrarium. This simple and enchanting craft is perfect for bringing a touch of snowy joy into your home during the holiday season. Follow the steps below and let your creativity shine!


      1. A clear glass or plastic jar with a tight-sealing lid
      2. Distilled water or glycerin
      3. Glitter or fake snow
      4. Small winter-themed figurines
      5. Waterproof adhesive (like waterproof epoxy or aquarium sealant)
      6. Glycerin (optional, for a slower snowfall effect)


      1. Choose Your Container:

      Select a clear jar or container with a tight-sealing lid. Ensure it's made of a material that won't react with water or glycerin over time.

      2. Prep Your Figurines:

      Clean and dry your figurines. If they are plastic or ceramic, you can enhance their wintry appearance by applying a thin layer of waterproof adhesive and then sprinkling glitter over them. Let them dry completely.

      3. Attach Figurines to the Lid:

      Use waterproof adhesive to securely attach the figurines to the inside of the lid. Ensure they are positioned the way you want them to appear in the snow globe. Allow the adhesive to dry completely.

      4. Fill the Jar:

      Fill the jar about three-quarters full with distilled water. If you prefer a slower snowfall effect, you can substitute some of the water with glycerin. Experiment with the ratio to achieve your desired snowfall speed.

      5. Add Glitter or Fake Snow:

      Sprinkle glitter or fake snow into the jar. The amount will depend on your preference for the density of "snow" in your snow globe. You can use different sizes of glitter for a more dynamic effect.

      How to Make A Snow Globe - HoneyPieKids.com

      6. Seal the Jar:

      Apply a thin layer of waterproof adhesive around the rim of the jar before tightly screwing on the lid. This will create a waterproof seal, preventing leaks.

      7. Shake and Enjoy:

      Once the adhesive has dried completely, give your snow globe a gentle shake, and watch as the glitter or fake snow falls around the figurines. Adjust the amount of glitter or fake snow if needed.

      8. Decorate the Jar (Optional):

      If desired, you can decorate the outside of the jar with ribbons, paint, or other festive elements to enhance its appearance.

      Now you have your own snow globe! Display it on a shelf or tabletop, and enjoy the magical winter scene you've created. Keep in mind that these DIY snow globes are decorative items, so it's a good idea to handle them with care to ensure they last.