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      PATACHOU Girls & Boys

      Patachou is a luxury children's clothing brand originating in Portugal, and it features only the most timelessly classic designs, colors, and prints. With a combination of high-quality materials and child-friendly designs, the clothing brand fits in perfectly at HoneyPie Kids clothing boutique. Patachou is a luxury children's clothing brand worn by children of celebrities and royalty such as Princess Charlotte.  We carry the best quality clothing brands sourced worldwide and are happy to offer girls, boys, and baby clothes from Patachou.
      Girls’ ClothesThe sweet girls’ collection is filled with soft colors, frills, bows, and elegant patterns. Find the perfect dress to wear for holiday parties, weddings, and other formal occasions or stylish separates that can handle hours of playtime. Your girls will love to dress up in these feminine and whimsical designs.
      Boys’ Clothes: The boys’ collection stays to the tried-and-true blue-gray color palette, offering classic and elegant clothing separates. The garments are made from durable materials like flannel and wool and combined with traditional patterns like plaid and checkered prints, so your boys will remain cozy and stylish no matter the weather.
      Baby Clothes: Patachou baby clothes offer an array of different clothing options for boys and girls. All clothing is made from the softest materials to guarantee a velvety feel on your baby’s sensitive skin. Choose from light pastel colors to rich deep blues and reds. Whatever color you select for your baby, you can be assured of its top-quality materials, craftsmanship, and design. These elegant baby clothes are suitable for formal occasions or everyday wear. 
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      Patachou Baby Boys Knit Pants in Grey | HONEYPIEKIDS | Kids Boutique Clothing On Sale
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      HONEYPIEKIDS | Patachou Girls Botanic YELLOW Straw Hat On Sale
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