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      Mini Melissa Shoes are kids favorite shoes. They are shoes for kids that are vegan, eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, water-resistant, and recyclable and fruit scented. Yes, they have a scent kids and parents love! We carry several different styles and designs, with everything from dinosaurs, monsters, animals, and Disney at HoneyPieKids!

      Our Most Popular Designs: All of our products are made in Brazil, with high-quality materials and beautiful designs perfectly suited to delight any child or toddler.
      Disney Princesses: Our Disney Mini Melissa shoes are perfect for the little princess in your life, no matter how old she is. We have several styles, but Frozen and The Little Mermaid are the most popular ones! Ensure these shoes are never let go and are a part of your little one’s world forever.
      Cuffed Rainboots: Rainboots usually have a specific “odor” that kids simply don’t like. But with Mini Melissa shoes, our rainboots are scented like fruit! Our Cuffed Rain Boots are adorable additions to any young girl’s wardrobe.
      Monster Sandals: For the little monster in your life, our Dinosaur Sandals can make any young boy feel like a Tyrannosaur, stomping his way through the playground or house with the same energy as a real dinosaur!

      Mini Melissa Candy Collection: The new candy collection is the cutest sandals and shoes your kids won't want to take off.  They have dimensional chocolate chip cookies on each shoe.

      Fruit-Scented Shoes for Kids: Mini Melissa shoes are fruit-scented shoes for the kids in your life who want to run around in the mud, dirt, rain, and playground while still keeping their new shoes smelling fresh and clean. Whether they are rainboots, sneakers, slippers, or sandals, fruit-scented shoes for kids in our Mini Melissa shoes line will make every little one delight with joy and be the most popular kid in their playgroup!

      Check out our variety of Mini Melissa shoes today to delight your child and give them shoes they’ll love to wear!