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      Madame Alexander Dolls

      Madame Alexander Dolls

      Shop The New Generation Of Madame Alexander Dolls With Us | Iconic and High-Quality Dolls For The New Generation of Children.

      For nearly a century, Madame Alexander Doll Company has been crafting dolls of the highest quality, intended to be cherished by generations. An iconic American company, Madame Alexander believed dolls have the power to spread kindness across the globe. Her enduring legacy is carried on in each and every doll created.
      Established in 1923, the business was founded by 28-year-old Beatrice Alexander Behrman. With a background in her stepfather’s doll hospital in Manhattan’s Lower East Side, she was determined to make dolls that would be enjoyed and would last, without compromising quality.
      The Alexander Doll Company has gained widespread recognition. The dolls are exhibited in the Smithsonian Museum, and Madame Alexander was inducted into the Toy Industry Hall of Fame in 2000. Moreover, Madame Alexander Doll Company has also formed partnerships with renowned names from the fashion and film industry, collaborating with Disney, DC Comics, Warner Brothers, and Isaac Mizrahi.

      Female Founded, Female Empowered

       All Madame Alexander Dolls Are Final Sale.


      Madame Alexander Baby Alex Doll - Medium Skin | HONEYPIEKIDS | Kids Boutique Clothing Madame Alexander Baby Alex Doll - Medium Skin | HONEYPIEKIDS | Kids Boutique Clothing
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