Summer Clothing For Your Kids

Summer Clothing For Your Kids

Summer Clothes For Kids

Summer is here, and you know dressing for it can be tense. If you have a child, however, picking out the right clothes to prepare them for the heat can be a whole different ballgame. Fortunately, there are a few steps you can take to dress your child as comfortably and safely as possible so you both can beat the heat! 

Wear Loose Cotton – Cotton is a must if your child will be out and about during the summer. It’s a breathable fabric, so air circulates through it more easily, and it’s absorbent, so it can keep your little one dry. Cotton clothes come in many colors and styles, so feel free to pick loose-fitting clothes in his or her favorite colors. Wearing fewer, thinner layers also helps clothes breathe more easily, and it’s remarkably easy to find a stylish look for your child with simple, light-colored cotton. If you've got an active little boy, you might consider some of the shirts from Mini Shatsu!

Wear Sun-Blocking Clothes – When you’re outside for a long time, you take care to protect yourself from sun, right? The same goes for your little one, so you should not only use plenty of sunscreen on their skin, but also look for clothes with sun protection, otherwise known as UPF. A shirt with a higher rated UPF blocks more of the sun’s harmful UV rays. 

Wear Sunglasses – Your eyes are some of the most delicate parts of your body, so wouldn’t it make sense to work hardest to keep them safe? Sunglasses are a great idea for adults and kids of any age, and there’s a wide variety to choose from, although a pair that blocks 100% of UVA and UVB rays is recommended. And who knows? You might find a pair with your child’s favorite princess or superhero on it. This pair from Iplay comes with 100% protection!

Wear Hats – Let your child embrace his or her trendy side with a hat to shield their face from the sun. While sunglasses can protect your little one’s eyes, wide-brimmed sun hats protect the rest of their face, as well as their head and neck. To keep your child’s sunhat secure and comfortable, look for one made of cotton, with a chinstrap and a wide, floppy brim. Look for hats like this Iplay Sun Protection Hat which has a special UV-protective fabric!

Wear the Right Shoes – With the warmer summer comes plenty of new and exciting outdoor activities for your child, but these cherished experiences can quickly go sour if your child isn’t wearing the right footwear. This is why it’s important to look for more sturdy, durable shoes or sandals that can handle the wear-and-tear of running and jumping. Your child has tender feet, especially at a younger age, and a strong, flexible sole and tough, quick-drying fabric upper can be more than just a good choice – it’s a safe one, too. These shoes from Lelli Kelly are great for summer!
Of course, each child and his or her lifestyle is different, and it’s important to consider these and do further research before making decisions. But who knows? It can be remarkably easy to find summer clothes that can keep your child safe…and stylish!

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Have a great summer!