Petite ‘n Pretty: A Sparkly Start in Makeup

A girl's interest in makeup starts at a young age. From days playing dress-up to taking a look at what is in their mom's vanity, there comes an age where they want to start exploring their creativity through the power of makeup. The main questions end up being what is the makeup, and where is it coming from? Petite ‘n Pretty is a brand that you can trust with your girl’s faces, and will also give them a fun look into what makeup can be.

Sparkle With Pretty ‘n Petite 

With 17 years of experience in beauty, founder Sam Cutler created Petite ‘n Pretty as a way to introduce makeup to the younger consumers in a manner that would be both fun and appropriate. With this brand, Cutler wants to encourage young makeup wearers to be creative and be empowered throughout their beauty journey. Whether that is a little blush on the cheeks or sparkle on their eyelids, this brand is made to cater to all young and budding beauty gurus.

Another perk to this brand that it is also incredibly safe! Petite ‘n Pretty prides itself on being a safe brand that is nut free, cruelty-free, paraben free, phthalate free, and proven safe by many doctors and parents. With all of these accolades in safety behind it, it's no wonder why this brand is a favorite among young girls everywhere. 

What to Add to Your Makeup Kit

Before you start buying pieces to add to their makeup kit, you can get started by purchasing a bag to hold all of their new makeup brushes. With the Pink Palms Brush Bag, your daughter will have plenty of space for holding her new brushes and tools. Not only does this bag have the room to store all things from palettes to glosses to brushes, but also it is all wrapped in a fashionable pink palm tree patterned bag.  

Start off their new makeup collection with something simple and sweet like a lip gloss. Lip gloss is not only a makeup staple for any girl to have, but it is also a simple and easy first step into the makeup world. Petit ‘n Pretty has a great selection of lip glosses in the 10K Shine Lip Gloss collection. Available in six colors, this shiny, lip-smacking glass, is incredibly lightweight and not at all sticky, a perfect addition to their makeup kit. 

Is your makeup artist ready for something a bit more complicated than gloss? Then take a look at the 9021Glow Eye and Cheek Palette. Not only is the packaging of the product just too cute, but it is filled with amazing products that your kids will love. With six eyeshades, blush, and highlighter, this is the perfect palette to start off her new looks. The coloring of the palette allows for creativity but also remains appropriate for young girls stepping into cosmetics. 

Petite ‘n Pretty's products are specially crafted for young stylists. With ingredients that are safe to use and colors that are age appropriate, it is the perfect brand for your kids to start their makeup journey with. 

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