Patachou, Paper Wings, Ooh La La Couture & 3 Pommes Children's Clothing

At HoneyPie Kids, we absolutely love children's clothing - and especially the unique boutique brands that you can't get anywhere else. We love carefully designed, beautifully crafted pieces of clothing and outfits to dress your children in - and four of our favorite brands are Patachou, Paper Wings, Ooh La La Couture, and 3 Pommes.

Here's a little look at these four brands and why they're worth paying special attention to when you're looking for some new clothes this season.


Patachou, Paper Wings, Ooh La La Couture & 3 Pommes Children's Clothing

A luxury brand from Portugal, Patachou - not to be confused with the famous French singer of the same name! - crafts clothing and accessories for children of all ages. Whether your child is an infant or a ten-year-old, there's something for you to pick!

Patachou was founded by two women who are obsessed with fashion and design, knowing they could create a brand perfectly suited for children. Although they started in Portugal, the brand is now available in almost twenty countries across the world! We're excited to bring this brand to our boutique here in Michigan, shipping across the United States!

Patachou believes in children, and because of that they have social responsibility projects to help those in need. For every clothing purchase, they donate one piece of clothing to a child who needs it.

Take a look at the Patachou clothes we have in stock!


Patachou, Paper Wings, Ooh La La Couture & 3 Pommes Children's Clothing

Founded in Paris in 1973, the children's clothing brand 3pommes has spread like wildfire. The brand started small, but is now available in over thirty countries. 

3pommes has both girl and boy clothing from newborn to 12 years of age. There are two collections that are created each year, in the spring and in the autumn, keeping up with the latest fashion trends.

The brand is supremely stylish and very comfortable, leading to it becoming a major favorite of children everywhere. HoneyPie Kids carries a wide range of 3pommes clothes, so be sure to browse our selection!

Paper Wings

Patachou, Paper Wings, Ooh La La Couture & 3 Pommes Children's Clothing

Paper Wings is a super stylish children's fashion label which was first created in Australia in 2006. 

Beginning in the small town of Mullumbimby, a cute little town on the beach in Australia, they have spread rapidly and are now available for purchase in the US. HoneyPie is super excited to carry this brand, and it's one of our perennial favorites. Even though they've spread rapidly, the brand has total creative control over their production, designing, sewing, and packaging all in the same place. Their design studio is one of the brightest and most forward-thinking in the market, and they constantly create an amazing line of children's wear.

The company uses eco-friendly production techniques, and they use organic cotton and fabric for their clothes. They promote sustainability and minimize waste by following best practices in their production. This is just one of their socially beneficial practices that makes Paper Wings such a great company to purchase clothing from!

Paper Wings clothes are imaginative and fun, and your kids will love wearing them just as much as you love trying them out!

Ooh La La Couture

Patachou, Paper Wings, Ooh La La Couture & 3 Pommes Children's Clothing

Two childhood friends, Ann and Jennifer, teamed up to create Ooh La La Couture in 2004. Grown up now and inspired by their own children, their line of clothing for little girls is unique and fashionable, using delicate trim and Swarovski crystals to make clothes that are truly exceptional.

They started selling at local boutique clothings stores (much like HoneyPie Kids!) and started expanding until they are now available all across the country. We're excited to carry this line and we know your little girls will love them as well.

Based in Port Jefferson, New York, the brand of Ooh La La Couture has become a sought after name in the world of children's fashion. The clothes are fanciful and very exclusive, yet at the same time comfortable enough to make girls love to wear them! 

Be sure to not miss the line of Ooh La La Couture clothes that we carry at HoneyPie Kids.

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