Letting Your Children Pick Out Their Own Clothes

Children's Clothing

If you have a growing child, you know how difficult it can be picking out their clothes. You’ll want them strong enough to withstand their activities, big enough to grow into, and stylish enough to make them look good in. Have you ever considered letting your child pick out his or her own clothes? Here are ten reasons to think about it:

They have their own opinions

Just like you, your child has their own thoughts and preferences. Whether it’s a favorite color or pattern, their clothes can be a reflection of who they are…if you let them.

It lets them develop their own style

Part of growing up is learning how to make things work best for you, and the earlier your child learns to do this, the better. Letting them pick their own clothes is a great way to let them do this early on.

It encourages them to be their own person

A big part of growing up is also learning what makes you unique, as well as learning how to make yourself unique. Letting your child choose his or her own clothes is one of the best ways to teach them the perks of being individual early.

It’s just easier

If you’ve gone clothes shopping with a child, you probably know how much weeping and gnashing teeth can be involved. Letting them choose their own clothes takes this struggle away by, well, letting them do it themselves!

They’ll wear the clothes

When you’re buying your child’s clothes, one thing is for sure…YOU’RE buying them. So wouldn’t it make sense to not buy clothes your child won’t wear? If you let your child choose his or her own clothes, they’re sure to like them (why wouldn’t they?) so they’ll definitely wear them.

It saves time

Letting your child pick his or her own clothes not only saves time arguing about what to wear in the store, it saves time fussing around trying to get them dressed in the morning. If your child enjoys their clothes, they’ll want to wear them. Simple as that.

You can teach them how to budget

You can teach them another important lesson here: how much they can buy with the money you have. Depending on how advanced your child is with numbers, letting them work with a clothing budget might be very good for them in the future.

It builds your relationship with your child

With this simple rule, dreaded shopping trips for new clothes can become much more enjoyable. If your child knows that they can choose their own clothes, they’ll be much more willing to go shopping.

It can let them fit in

At young ages, some of the most important things to children are fitting in at school or with their friends, and just like you, they see people wearing things they want to wear. Letting them choose their own clothes can help their self-esteem hugely.

It’s fun!

As fun as picking out your child’s clothes may be, let’s face it – it’s even more fun to see them enjoy themselves. And who knows? Letting them pick out their own clothes may be just the way to make that happen.

What do you much freedom should you give your child to pick out their own clothing?
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