Fun Ideas for the Perfect Birthday Party Sleepover

Fun Ideas for the Perfect Birthday Party Sleepover

If you have a little girl who has a birthday coming up, you may be looking for a way to make her birthday party a little extra special. Slumber parties are fun for girls of all ages. Having friends over to enjoy games and snacks and a little gossip before falling asleep is something every little girl should experience. If you are thinking about throwing a sleepover birthday party, be sure to try some of these ideas to make it extra special.


Every slumber party has to have snacks and if you are dealing with a bunch of girls, you need to make sure it’s fun and tasty. Instead of just making snack, let the girls help make them. Buy sugar cookie kits that the girls can decorate or make cupcake and allow the girls to ice them and add the toppings of their choice. These snacks are just as much fun to make as they are to eat.


Girls love crafts and it gives them something to do to stay busy before they fall asleep. You can buy craft kids from your local store or just grab some of the things you already have lying around your home and challenge the girls to make things with those items. You can grab some bead and yarn and encourage them to make friendship bracelets, or even use paper plates and markers to create masks.

Matching Pajamas

Little girls love to match each other and one of the best ways to make sure that a slumber party is memorable is to get matching pajamas for all the girls. You can find candy pink pajama bottoms for every little girl and even allow them to take them home with them as a party gift. If you order a pair for every guest, you can get a discount from HoneyPieKids. Another option is to give each girl her own pillow that she can sleep on at the sleepover and then take home. What little girl wouldn’t want to come home from a sleepover with a gift?

If you are ready to throw the best and most memorable slumber party for your little girl, be sure to try some of the tips above. Slumber parties are a great way to for girls to bond and strengthen their friendships. They are also a good way to celebrate a birthday.

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