Dresses For Every Girl and Every Occasion!

Dresses For Every Girl and Every Occasion!

Finding the right dress for your children can be a challenge at times but it does not have to be. Honey Pie Kids stocks a huge variety of kid’s dresses, so you can pick up a dress for every occasion. Whether you are looking for a great dress for a holiday event, family gathering, or family photos, you will find an amazing dress on Honey Pie Kids. Stocking children’s fashion from around the world, Honey Pie Kids makes clothing shopping easy and helps make your kids stand out.  If you live outside of the US, do not worry because we ship worldwide.  
Let’s get familiar with some of the 
wonderful brands we stock. 

-Ooh! La, La! Couture

Based in New York, Ooh! La, La! Couture is known for their one-of-a-kind fun and funky dresses. They have quickly become the choice for young Hollywood actresses at important red carpet events. Every little girl deserves to be a star, and these dresses will make them feel like a Hollywood starlet. 

Clothing - Dresses For Every Girl and Every Occasion!


While you will find imitation and other poufy dresses on the market, you can see that Ooh! La, La! stands out from the crowd. Unlike other poufy dresses, the tule is super soft and comfortable to wear for a long period of time. Getting your hands on one of these one of kind poufy dresses is not a challenge.

Honey Pie Kids stocks a wide variety of dresses and two/three piece outfits in most sizes.  


-Imoga Collection

Inspired by whimsy, Imoga Collection does not shrink down adult trends like many other brands. They design for kids using their own materials and create silhouettes that children love. The colors, prints and textures may be bold and fun, but they are also timeless.  

Clothing - Dresses For Every Girl and Every Occasion!
Since they offer amazing dresses, faux fur jackets, and fun accessories, it is no wonder that kids and parents love Imoga Collection. Create a whole look with Imoga pieces or mix them in with 
the pieces your kids already have to create a brand new look. Your options for timeless outfits are endless with these fun stylish pieces. 


-Tutu Du Monde

Tutu Du Monde travelled all the way from Australia for girls who love fantasy and fairy tales. From their signature tutus to their breathtaking seasonal collections, Tutu Du Monde celebrates the imagination of little and big girls all over the world. Tutu Du Monde garments are very high-quality, handcrafted and hand-dyed. Each piece is unique because every one of the sequins, crystal beads, and beautiful feathers on their gorgeous pieces are placed by hand. 
Clothing - Dresses For Every Girl and Every Occasion!

 The core collection is known for their signature tutus and tank top dresses. They also have seasonal collections that release multi-times a year. The seasonal collections also have great accessories that work with the collection, their core pieces and pieces that your kids already have. Be prepared to fall in love with Tutu Du Monde and pick up multiple pieces from this super popular Australian brand. 


- Antoinette Paris Hand Smocked Dresses

Dressing to impress does not have to be uncomfortable. Antoinette Paris hand smocked dresses are designed to be comfortable while having a beautiful, classic design. This luxury brand offers handmade smocks made from noble European fabric and hand embroidery, so every piece is truly unique. They are the first French Brand of traditional smocked dresses in the United States. 
Person - Dresses For Every Girl and Every Occasion!

On every dress there is a reversible back butterfly bow and buttons. They also offer accessories like faux fur neck scarfs, pill box hats, muffs, and headbands to customize or complete the outfit. The collection features dresses for any occasion from birth to 10 years old. The sizes are age-based. 



Patachou started in a little corner of Portugal, and has grown to being sold around the world. The brand was started by two women who created baby and children’s clothing that is fun to wear in beautiful timeless designs. They created the “Spreading Smiles” project, which donates one piece of clothing for each piece that is purchased by the public. All the pieces from this timeless brand are made in Portugal. 


Their dresses come in a wide variety of colors, prints, and cuts. Patachou also offers a variety of separates to create great outfits or add to the dress you have picked.  


-Blu & Blue New York

A more casual brand, Blu & Blue New York creates dresses, shirts, and shorts made from premium denim. The premium denim is made at their state-of-the-art environmentally friendly plant. Featured in a number of magazines including Women of Influence, Vogue and Home Business, Blu & Blue has become extremely popular with celebrities and fashion lovers including the daughter of a Jennifer Lopez.  Their premium denim wears well, so investing in a piece is definitely worth the money. 

Clothing - Dresses For Every Girl and Every Occasion!

Jennifer Lopez and her daughter Emme wearing Blu & Blue New York 


Finding a unique dress for family photos, holiday events or even every day can be simple when you shop at Honey Pie Kids. Bringing designers and brands together from around the world, there is a dress of every little and big girl. Complete the look with shoes, hair accessories, hats, and cute handbags from Doe a Dear. stocks everything you need for a cute outfit for your girls. Make sure to sign up for their mailing list for information about great deals and the latest products.
Free shipping is available in the United States for orders over $99


Featured photo dress is by Cupcakes and Pastries and available at

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