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Beautiful Tutu Du Monde Dresses For Girls

Tutu Du Monde is one of the world's most exquisite brands for beautiful dresses for girls, with delicate and contemporary designs in a range of styles, from the classic tutu to the other coordinating items.

The company is based in Australia, and is the brainchild of the fashion designer Andrea Rembeck. Her design skills are showcased in the quality and craftsmanship of her dresses which girls across the world are thrilled to wear!

The essence of a Tutu Du Monde piece is a perfection for all occasions, from playing dress-up, to being a flower girl in a wedding, to having tea parties with friends, to anything else! The ballet-style dresses are handcrafted and high quality, made to last and comfortable to wear.

Tutu Du Monde

The Golden Glow tutu is an explosion of gentle peach color, with a hand-beaded bodice that contains crystal and sequins. A long tulle skirt has lots of flounce and an elastic waist for the ultimate in comfort for your little girl.

 Beautiful Tutu Du Monde Dresses For Girls

The Decadent Dream tutu is glistening white, with beads and sequins that sparkle like snow! The skirt is knee length and gives a voluminous silhouette.

Apparel - Beautiful Tutu Du Monde Dresses For Girls

The new Pearlescent Dreams dress reminds you of an aquatic life, with mermaid scale sequins and an iridescent flash. The shimmery skirt has layers of tulle in various colors of tea rose, bubblegum, and aqua glaze.

Beautiful Tutu Du Monde Dresses For Girls

The Swan Queen tutu is a brilliant red dress which also comes in a gentle latte color. It's breathtaking and perfect for twirling.

Beautiful Tutu Du Monde Dresses For Girls

One of the all-time favorites, the Fantastical Unicorn dress has a bodice of beads and sequins in the pattern of a purple unicorn, with a layered tulle skirt that is shorter in the front and longer in the back.

Regardless of which beautiful tutu your girl chooses to wear, you'll be beyond satisfied with the premium quality and painstaking attention to detail that Tutu Du Monde puts into the craftsmanship of their beautiful dresses!

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