5 Ways to Enjoy Spring Break with Your Kids

Spring is nearly here and breaks from school are soon to follow. Kids can definitely use the break, but you should not use that as an excuse to let them binge watch TV and play video games for a week. With very little money and just a little effort, you can create a spring break that’s full of memorable family fun… and maybe a little education. Here are four ways to enjoy spring break with your kids.

Human - 5 Ways to Enjoy Spring Break with Your Kids

Blow Bubbles

Whoever says science can’t be fun hasn’t spent enough time making bubbles. A little bit of kitchen chemistry plus springtime sunshine equals family fun for you and the kids. Bubbles are fun to make and can entertain kids outside for hours. To make your own bubble solution, all you need is water, dish soap, and corn syrup. The best part is that you can make your bubble wand as large as you want and create some huge bubbles. 

Create Spring Crafts

Whether it’s for the holidays or to match the color of nature, spring break is an excellent time to make seasonal crafts and do other projects with your kids. You can do backyard craft projects, plant flowers or food in a garden, or make things like bird feeders to attract friendly animals. If the weather outside isn’t cooperating, think of ways you and the kids can make the house feel more like spring. Make sure you have season-appropriate clothing for whatever you do by browsing the collection at Honey Pie Kids.

Go on a Family Picnic

While some people may think of a family picnic as cliche, we prefer to think of it as "classic." A family picnic combines a lot of great things into one activity. Your family gets to go outside and enjoy some fresh air. Depending on what you bring, they can have a healthy meal. And being in the park encourages kids to run around and be active. Some parks have activities like hiking, swimming, bike trails, and more. Make sure your kids bring the right shoes for the trip. You can find the park that will give your family the most enjoyment during the trip. And after a day of making memories, everyone will be exhausted and ready to go to sleep when they get home.

Take a Tour of the Town

Most people spend so much time online that they never take the time to learn about the local history and sights where they live. It’s a shame because every community, no matter how small, has stories to tell. Using spring break to show your kids local history can help them develop a better appreciation for their hometown. Look online for walking tour guides and take advantage of resources like museums, historic sites, and local parks. Many museums have a day where kids can get in free or at a reduced rate. And keep an eye out for programs from the city that are designed for kids during spring break.

Whatever you plan to do this spring break, you can make sure your kids look good while they do it by shopping at Honey Pie Kids. We have a nice selection of children’s clothing for any occasion or style type.

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