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10 Easy Winter Art and Craft Activities for Kids

 10 Easy Winter Art and Craft Activities for Kids

Winter season is so delightful that it's truly hard not to appreciate it. It sure is fun to play out in the snow, but there are days when you are stuck inside, and it's truly hard to keep kids indoors when it's really cold and frigid for them to go out. So, what better way to engage your kids with a crafty session. Creating arts is a great fun activity for the whole family.


Ready to get crafty with kids? We've compiled a rundown of fun and simple winter crafts to keep kids active in chilly weather. Feel free to steal our ideas!


  1. Snowman Stress Balls

 When contemplating winter crafts, snowmen, penguins, snowflakes and icy creatures consistently ring a bell, and Snowman Stress balls are one of these extraordinary crafts for kids. They can be utilized as a squirm, for building hand strength, and for addressing body awareness. 


Since everyone needs to stay indoors, it will be fun to make some snowman stress balls for your children to crunch and squish.


Here's what you'll need:

white balloons

black and orange permanent markers


materials to fill the balloons (rice, play dough, beans, water beads, or anything similar)

Slide the end of the balloon onto the funnel and start adding your fillings to the balloons. Make sure you choose fillings that can fit through the hole in your funnel and choose the filling that would be most suitable for your child’s age.

Once filled, tie the end of the balloon. Then draw a snowman's face on the stress ball using permanent markers. To ensure the markers don’t rub off, you will need to let it dry for a couple minutes before use.

You could also make cute little penguins using black balloons and white paint markers!


  1. Fake Snow Sensory Play


Regardless of whether you live somewhere with snow or not – there are times when it's too cold to even think about venturing outside to play with the snow! That's why we're sharing how you can make your phony snow for sensory play and artworks. 


You just need a couple of ingredients to make the fake snow. Mix 1 sack of cornstarch or cornflour with 1 cup of conditioner. If you think that it's excessively sticky, simply add more cornstarch, and if it's excessively dry, add more conditioner. You need the consistency to not be clingy. It should let you structure it into little balls to make your snowman! 

Now that your "fake snow" is ready, you can put it into a tray to make your little world play scene!


  1. Winter Tree with Cotton Ball Painting

The winter tree painting with cotton is a fun and simple winter craft that children of all ages appreciate. The feathery snow surface that the cotton balls make on the branches and the contrast of the dark brown branch and white snow against the blue painted sky on the canvas looks amazing. You can likewise include an adorable little red bird for a pop of color. a

Cotton ball painting is a fun and startling method for children to explore. Your kids will adore painting with cotton balls, it gives a decent soft surface which is ideal for making fleecy white snow.


  1. DIY Polar Bear Masks

Children love polar bears – who doesn't? – which makes this the ideal winter craft. Let your kids make their polar bear masks utilizing paper plates and white tissue paper. You can make a polar bear's nose using a plastic cup and a dark pom. These are so adorable when they are done and once the crafting part is finished, kids can go through hours playing with their new masks.


  1. Design Igloo Mosaics on Paper 

Creating mosaics on igloo drawing is a good craft for keeping the children occupied. Kids are going to adore the little igloo that they make on a paper with blank label stickers. If you don't have blank label stickers available, you can use shredded paper and glue to make the igloo tiles. For younger kids, help them to outline the layout of the igloo and afterward, they can fill in the mosaics on their own.


  1. Handprint Winter Mittens Painting

Got a kid that wouldn't bother getting messy? That's right, we all do! You can make use of a reusable plate for this art so kids can press that paint everywhere on their hands, you can likewise utilize a paintbrush to paint hands. When you're doing this art, you must keep a wet cloth so you can wipe up hands once they've wrapped up. This craft would also make a pleasant keepsake, simply make sure to pop the date on it when it's done so you can later perceive how little your kid's hands were.


  1. Cardboard Toys Winter Wonderland

When it's frosty cold outside, these DIY peg dolls and cardboard slotted creatures are ready to take you on a winter adventure! You can have a lovely deer and a moose from a winter woodland, or a polar bear and huskies visiting from the arctic. 

 Just print and cut out the formats and follow them onto cardboard saved from brown boxes. Parents should cut the cardboard as thick sheets are not all that simple to cut. Youngsters can begin decorating the pieces as you cut. 

 Once cut and decorated, you can slot the pieces together to make all the standing creatures, and it's ready to be performed.


  1. Snowy Pinecone Winter Owls Craft

Pinecones make magnificent art supplies, as do cotton balls. And when you set up the two, you have the compositions for a lovable little snowy owl that your little ones will love to make. To make the owls, you simply need to stuff pinecone with cotton balls, stick accessories like googley eyes, and white and brown felt for the wings and beak, and ta-da! Your cute little snowy owls are ready.

You can use these dazzling critters for kids' playtime, and they make a pleasant embellishment for your home as well.


  1. Ice DIY Ornaments

 Children will cherish making these dainty ice ornaments. They are truly simple yet inventive! This art likewise assists with teaching younger kids how water freezes and they can use pretty much whatever they need to finish their decorations like twigs, berries, leaves, shells, or considerably littler adornments. You can design ornaments around a paper plate and hang them with twine or lace. 


  1. Craft Penguins from Toilet Paper Rolls

 Any penguin darlings around? You can use bathroom tissue paper, kitchen towel rolls, or even purchase the art rolls to create roll penguins. This one will be both enjoyable to make and to play with.

 Things you’ll need:

  • paper roll 
  • glue stick 
  • dark paper or dark paint
  • orange paper 
  • scissors 
  • squirm eyes stickers


How to Craft Penguins

 Follow these steps to make roll penguins:

  1. Cut a segment of dark paper in a similar width as is your paper roll – it must be sufficiently long to wrap the paper roll. 
  2. Alternatively, you can paint the paper roll dark. 
  3. Cut "half-oval" shape out of white paper. 
  4. Cut two wings out of dark paper. 
  5. Additionally, cut a mouth shape and two feet out of orange paper. 
  6. Paste the dark paper around the paper roll. 
  7. Paste on the white paper. 
  8. Stick on two squirm eye stickers. 
  9. Paste on the mouth. 
  10. Paste the legs. 
  11. Lastly, stick on the wings. 
  12. Let the adhesive dry completely. 

Your roll penguins are ready for kid’s fun time!



Wrapping Up

The above-customized selection of children's winter craft ventures is ideal for having a great time and learning through craftsmanship and art. 

With kids benefiting from the process of cutting, sticking, drawing, and painting all of which help to improve fine motor abilities, create coordination, and their critical thinking aptitudes. 

 We've attempted to keep things basic and offer choices. Perfect in case you're searching for toddler and preschool kids winter craft ideas to enjoy with your children!


10 easy winter craft activities for kids



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